Best Tattoo Shop: 46 and 2 Tattoo

46 and 2 was featured in an article on INFORUM! Here is a copy of the article. (Original can be found HERE)

46 and 2 Tattoo has been named Best Tattoo Shop in the 2022 Best of the Red River Valley competition.

What’s your reaction to winning?

“It’s wild to think that consistently the area and our clients are dedicated to us,” Tattoo artist Million McGough said. “We hope we can return the favor with every tattoo.”

What would you say to someone thinking about getting a tattoo?

“If you are actually interested in getting a tattoo, of course, do your research and find the artist that fits with what you want as opposed to trying to find someone to just do whatever you want,” Million said. “There are so many artists out there now. Amazing, talented tattooers in the world, even in Fargo alone. It is so easy with social media now to be able to find the tattooer that does what you like the way you like it instead of trying to mold someone into what you want the way you want it.”

  • Second Place: Addictions Collective Studios
  • Third Place: The Bee’s Nest Tattoo and Art Studio
  • Fourth Place: Zoltar Tattoo
  • Fifth Place: Amarok Tattoo Studio